My strengths


A strong and varied background in international environments.

  • Eight years of industry experience as an export sales assistant, trilingual executive assistant and in-house translator.
  • Two years of experience with an NGO as a trilingual executive assistant in charge of communication and media relations.
  • 20 years (and running) of experience as a freelance translator and interpreter for companies, translation agencies and international organizations.

Field expertise: corporate environments, exhibitions and trade fairs, interpreting assignments in France and abroad.

Since 2004, I am a registered member of the Société Française des Traducteurs, France's leading translators' association. SFT's extensive network of translators enables me to manage projects requiring translation into languages other than French.

More than 25 years of field experience and technical expertise.


I hold a degree in linguistics and translation from ESST/ESTRI in Lyon, France, and spent two years studying in the U.S.A. and Germany.

My experience working at several companies and in industry enabled me to gain valuable expertise and know-how. I apply this expertise and know-how in my daily work and continue to hone and improve it by researching terminology, reading trade publications and keeping up to date with the latest developments.

As a registered member of SFT, I regularly attend training sessions and meet my fellow translators.

I use a CAT tool, which enables me to translate large volumes of documents and ensure accurate, high-quality translations that are more consistent and which read like originals.

I put my expertise and know-how to work to provide you with quality translations.

Sensitive understanding

Experience and expertise are necessary to produce accurate and beautifully flowing translations that read like originals. But what is crucial to being able to skillfully translate emotions and nonverbal cues is possessing the sensitive understanding that only human translators possess. This essential and irreplaceable human quality will never be matched by any machine translation tool.

I have an ability to really listen to others, understand what they are saying, and build bridges between people and cultures. As a piano player, I am sensitive to both music and the specific music of the words in each language that I speak.

It is the combination of these three qualities — experience, expertise and sensitive understanding — that enables me to produce beautifully flowing translations.


Using all my sensitive understanding, experience and expertise,
I listen to the music of source words
and faithfully transcribe them into idiomatic language.