Are you a company seeking to expand internationally? Are you an international organization?
Are you a foreign company looking to enter the French market?

FIDES TRAD offers translation and interpreting services
from English, German and Russian into French.

  • Holder of a degree in linguistics and translation and a member of SFT, France's leading translators' association.
  • More than 25 years of field experience and technical expertise.
  • A strong and varied background.

Accurate translations that read like originals are what I care about most.

For me, a successful translation is one that reads as though it were written in the target language.

My strengths

I possess strong and varied expertise in international, corporate and field environments.


A strong and varied background,
more than 25 years of field experience and technical expertise
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I possess a degree in linguistics and translation (ESST/ESTRI – Lyon) as well as expertise and know-how in delivering quality translations
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Sensitive understanding

The sensitive understanding that only human translators possess is crucial to skillfully translating emotions and nonverbal cues.
It is an essential human quality.
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Experience, expertise and sensitive understanding.
It is the combination of these three qualities that enables me to produce
accurate and beautifully flowing translations that read like originals.

My services

Translation and interpreting: two complementary services to better meet your needs


Translations from English, German and Russian
into French (my native language).
As a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs (France's leading translators' association), I am part of an extensive network and can meet your needs into languages other than French.
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Liaison interpreting

Fides Trad assists you in all your interpreting assignments
in France and abroad.
English – French    &    German – French
Professionalism and confidentiality
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I like to combine the sedentary work of translation with the globetrotting lifestyle offered by interpreting.

Various fields of expertise

More than 25 years of experience in various technical and general fields, and particularly in (partial list):


Maintenance products for industrial applications: adhesives, greases, lubricants, etc.
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Environment and
sustainable development

Environmental issues,
renewable energies, etc.
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Plastic piping and sanitation

Pipe systems used for sanitation and building drainage
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Construction and

Zinc roof ornaments for the restoration of historical buildings
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Outdoor activities, sports and recreation

Outdoor clothing,
footwear and gear
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music and art

Presentation of touristic locations
and resorts, art exhibitions,
music festivals
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Humanitarian aid, NGOS,
palliative care

Landmines, disabled people, end-of-life care
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Communication and
the media

Internal and external communication,
workshops, management training,
employee information
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My values are fidelity, authenticity, loyalty and trust.